Regular Meeting
June 11, 2014, Wednesday
10:00 a.m.

Room 306
Radisson Ontario
2200 E. Holt Blvd.
Ontario, CA 91761


At the discretion of the Board, all items appearing on this agenda, whether or not expressly listed for action, may be deliberated upon and may be subject to action by the Board.  Items may not necessarily be taken up in the order shown.

1.         Call to Order

2.         Opportunity for the Public to Address the Board (Limited to 5 minutes)
As required by Government Code, Section 54954.3(a)

3.         Administration
                a.         Consideration and Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held May 14, 2014 (Action)
                b.         Approval of Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Colorado River Board Budget(Action)

4.         Colorado River Basin Water Reports
                a.         Reports on current reservoir storage, reservoir releases, projected water use, and forecasted river flows
                b.         State and Local Water Reports

5.         Update regarding the 2014 California Drought

6.         Staff Reports regarding Colorado River Basin Programs
                a.         Review status of the Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study
                b.         Review status of the implementation of Minute 319
                c.         Review status of the Salinity Control Forum Workgroup and Advisory Council
                d.         Review status of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Work Group and Long Term Experimental Management Plan EIS
                e.         Review status of the Lower Colorado River Basin Multi-Species Conservation Program

7.         Announcements/Notices


8.         Executive Session
An Executive Session may be held by the Board pursuant to provisions of Article (commencing with Section 11120) of Chapter 1 of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code and Sections 12516 and 12519 of the Water Code to discuss matters concerning interstate claims to the use of Colorado River system waters in judicial proceedings, administrative proceedings, and/or negotiations with representatives from other states or the federal government.

9.         Other Business

                a.   Next Board Meeting:        July 9, 2014
                                        10 a.m.
                                        Vineyard Room
                                        Holiday Inn Ontario Airport
                                        2155 East Convention Center Way
                                        Ontario, CA 91764-4452